September, almost un-eventful

September flew by like a leaf blown from a tree overhanging a wall in Forest Fields, chased by a small(ish) cat full of the joys of life.

Well, apart from the small matters of on-going pandemic, fuel crisis whipped up from nothing to a frenzied circle of piranhas snapping at the last drop in the local pump so they can keep a full tank in-case, me buying a new and selling my much loved first ever owned home, vet visits, internet issues and the general hoo-hah of life.

Oh, and some poetry. Real life poetry as well as continuing zoomy zoomy  poetry.

Speaking of which, here is a link to the collaborative poem made at Word! With George Szirtes. If you haven’t already discovered Word! And the marvellous Lydia Towsey check them out – lots of amazing workshops plus great events featuring top poets.

I’ve been busy collaborating on the next steps in my DYCP activities, a mini-series in collaboration with a number of creative makers and World Jam poets called #TheseHandsMade. Look out for it on Instagram. Here is a teaser for you:

I am still on the look-out for more creatives that would like to be photographed during November and December making the things they love to make to be included in the next two poetry films.

For all you international and multinational and local poets with access to zoom, I recommend you pop along to Lenguas – an international on-line multilingual poetry community, hosted by Nottingham’s own Martin Grey and the effusive Edith Blackbird from Canada. Monthly event details here:

Back in the heady days of September I was delighted to be invited to perform at the 20,000 person Camper Calling festival, on the Scriptstuff stage hosted by the inimitable Mike Took. What a marvellous array of talent I was privileged to be able to listen to and perform with. Here is a photo of me with just the boys? Not quite sure how that happened!

Nottingham Poetry Festival folk held a Poetry Party with representatives of some of the Nottingham Poetry community. Was great to see Nottingham poets in a physical space. Though I am still cautious of entering crowded indoor venues myself, Antenna had lots of space and felt a great space to be in.

I hope you are enjoying the season change and all the pretty colours inspire you in your creativity, and I look forward to seeing / hearing your autumnal creations.

Author: Lytisha

I enjoy writing. I hope you enjoy reading some of it.

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