Sultry September?

Well, it’s a warm and sticky day today. (It was when I wrote this in September – forgive the delay – technical hic-cups!)

Cat looking down on a paddling pool which has dappled light playing on the surface
Dixie contemplates the pool

I’ve taken a moment to reflect and looked back through previous blogs. I don’t know about you, but I very rarely actually look back at what I have achieved. I rush headlong to the next thing without reflecting, and am reminded of the wise words of Megan Taylor & Giselle Leeb who said to celebrate all the little wins.  I thought at the time, yes! Of course. Then proceeded not to. In-fact when complimented on a piece of work or an achievement I tend to put my head down and mutter a thank you. Whereas what I should do is lift my head, thank them, then see how I can expand on that work. Could I share it in different ways? Get it seen by more people?

In the past 2 years I have created 9 short films, a pamphlet, collaborated with at least 2 visual artists, 4 sound engineers, 5 musicians, over 20 students at NTU on 2 courses, and innumerable other poets. I’ve mastered zoom and worked remotely in care homes, run on-line courses, curated 4 festivals (plus 2 cancelled events due to pandemic, after the work was done) I’ve been published in 7 anthologies, at least one was award winning, and I have also been awarded a DYCP grant by the Arts Council of England.  In two years.

If you had suggested to me 4 years ago that I would have achieved all that, I’d have thought you were living in cloud cuckoo land. Although, on reflection, wasn’t 4 years ago when I was involved with the co-creation of Just Cuckoos play?

The point is we need to acknowledge and celebrate our little wins – and the big ones too.

Here is a link to Text Book from the award winning Bloody Amazing anthology by Dragon Waffle.

Have a great rest of summer.


Author: Lytisha

I enjoy writing. I hope you enjoy reading some of it.

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