Autumnal Events Gliding in as Smoothly as Swans in the Sunset

Seasons change, activities abound. Much has been happening not only in Tish World, but also the wider creative world. The photo above inadvertently caught Simon Withers recording some of his amazing photos as part of his series Swan Life which can be seen at City Arts until the 18th of November.

Wednesday 10th November also sees DIY Poets November Showcase on at 7.30pm– on-line so available to all wherever you are. A Series of DIY poets will be performing followed by a an open mic for upto 3 mins per performer. Sign up on the night or contact DIY Poets via their facebook page.

Sunday 14th November Lytisha is delighted to be hosting the World Jam event at Peggy’s Skylight which features readings from the recent anthology Us Versus Virus, produced by Beam Editions, plus a set from Dominic Berry and music from Foreign Accent. A fabulous venue, going to be a great night.

But what of October I hear you say. What happened then? Well I took a couple of weeks off to help a friend which involved a trip to Southern France, an area I’d not been to before. En route we caught up with some old friends, ate a lot of ice-cream, more chocolate and possibly a little too much cheese too. But I understand these are cultural essentials so who am I to complain!

Meanwhile the #Thesehandsmade project supported by Arts Council England continues and excitingly the first short film in collaboration with four artists plus poet Ferzana Shan will be released on the 12th of November! Very Excited! To check it out follow me on insta: @lytishaft plus I will be sharing anywhere I can- and if you enjoy it I would love for you to share it too.

That’s me for now. Don’t forget you can catch up with Multiple Shenanigans podcasts anytime you need a humorous look at life through the eyes of a poet and comedian with MS and see you at an event – virtual or otherwise -soon!

Author: Lytisha

I enjoy writing. I hope you enjoy reading some of it.

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