Lytisha’s Lite Bites

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Lytisha’s Lite Bites are a series of hour long creative writing group sessions available via zoom.

They are in 6 week blocks with a maximum of 8 participants and held fortnightly for just £40. There is no homework, no prep, just an hour to get the creative juices flowing.

Lunchtime Lite Bites, hour long creative writing groups at, you’ve guessed it, lunchtimes. 12.30 – 1.30

Thursday Lunchtime Lite Bite 2: New dates coming soon.

Teatime Lite Bites: hour long creative writing groups at, you’ve guessed it teatime are held 7-8pm.

Wednesday Teatime Lite Bite 1 beginning April 14th 2021. Booking now. Applications available here.

Workshops for all ages, abilities, and interests. Specialising in cross-generational and family workshops, workshops with speakers of other languages, and People living with Dementia

Festival Workshops
Multilingual Workshops
Living with Dementia Workshops
Community Workshops

Workshops have been run in partnership with organisations including: University of Nottingham, World Jam, Nottingham Writers Studio, The Carers’ Federation, Women’s Institute, Big Wheel, and Creative Paths.

Lytisha hosts creative writing sessions tailored for all ages and experience levels. If you don’t see one to suit, drop Lytisha a line to

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